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Inclusion, Diversity, Equalities, and Accessibility (IDEA) is at the heart of Dandelion – our ambition is to be a truly inclusive organisation.

We believe that with greater diversity our work will be stronger, and we welcome those who bring difference to our organisation. We want to listen and to make sure that as many people as possible can access, engage with and participate in our work. We understand that each of us brings our experiences, our backgrounds and our own unique lens to what we do.

This work is supported by the IDEA Assembly, our critical friends who advise and champion IDEA throughout our work, informing and developing our policies, actions and toolkits. They IDEA Assembly plays a key role in influencing and enabling the genuine societal change that people crave as we emerge from the pandemic.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility Assembly

Pedro Cameron
Linda Campbell
Chris Hunt
Lewis Hou
Ali Jarvis
Jim Muotune
Andrew Neilson
Lisa Williams