A large building with brick walls and a white roof has plants growing out of all its window spaces.

Unexpected Gardens

Dandelion’s Unexpected Gardens will spring up on patches of unused or (apparently) unusable land, all over Scotland.

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A large three tier cube with three levels of plants sits on the side of a loch. It is dusk, and the sky is cloudy.

Cubes of Perpetual Light

Dandelion’s Cubes of Perpetual Light are miniature vertical farms, artworks and experiments on the move.

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Three people walk down a street towards the camera, pushing wheelbarrows full of sacks of potatoes.

Sow Grow Share

Dandelion will share not just food but ideas, new music and scientific knowledge, while taking an innovative approach to community growing.

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Four people holding vegetables stand in front of a large growing cube. A white dog is in the foreground and a banner with the word Dandelion is in the background, hung on an old building covered in grafitti.

The Dandelion School Growing Initiative

500 schools. 100 growing cubes. The largest community-led growing experiment ever undertaken in Scotland.

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A person in a yellow dress holds a potato up in the air.

Harvest Festivals

We’re reimagining the harvest festival for the 21st century. Think wonky veg, giant improvised soup pots, who-can-grow-and-cook-the-best-chip competitions, live music and more.

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A crowd of people face towards a stage.

Pavilions of Perpetual Light

Two festivals in Glasgow and Inverness, book-ending the summer with live music, a menu of locally grown food, talks and a whole load of free plants and seeds for everyone to take home.

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