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Coming Soon: Soundwalks by Duncan McLeod

Musician Duncan Macleod smiling at plants.
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Duncan McLeod Photo: Anne Monk

Duncan McLeod, musician in resident for the  Unexpected Garden on North Uist: An Garradh, gives us yet another taste of what's to come.

Below you'll find an excerpts of some material in development which will feature in the series of  Soundwalks taking place in various locations on North Uist and Benbecula.

Launching in September, the Soundwalks will combine original compositions with archival recordings, narrated soundbites, and field recordings captured on Uist throughout Duncan's 6-month residency. Listening on headphones, the soundwalks will be freely accessible using the geolocative audio app SOUNDwalker.

Duncan Writes:

The video footage was captured on a field trip with Dierdre Nelson (artist in residence) to the machair at Homore, South Uist. Many thanks to ecologist Matthew Topsfield for the tour – the machair was a buzz with Andrena bees and Great Yellow bumblebees. It’s been amazing to observe the transformation of the machair over the past couple of months - crescendoing into a riot of colour! The audio in this excerpt features original material developed using a modular synthesizer and a chorus of bees captured at Torlum Community Polycrub, Benbecula.

Music & Video - Duncan MacLeod, July 2022

Find out what else Duncan is up to on and give him a listen on Soundcloud.