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Dandelion Harvest Update

This weekend, we were due to mark the moment of Harvest, when our Unexpected Gardens and community partners across Scotland, share the results of what they have grown and created throughout the year.

In line with UK Government advice that events may continue during the period of mourning for HM Queen Elizabeth II, some of our Harvest events will go ahead this weekend, with adjusted programmes, that reflect the current situation. We hope those that do can create a shared and supportive space for people to meet, share food, discuss, reflect and be in community with each other.

Harvest is a time to bring people together, to share food and stories, to reflect on the season that has gone and the one to come, as well as support each other collectively. Dandelion originated during the pandemic, when we were separated from others. In the past 6 months we have seen the benefit of coming back together, collective action and the power of community ​and the arts, and we wish to create the space for that, with respect, this weekend.

Please visit our Harvest pages here and those of our partners for information.