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Episode 2 of Growing with Dandelion Released

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In the second episode of Growing with Dandelion, Sunny Govan explores the Dandelion Festival and the connection between growing and music.

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Donald Shaw, Music Director at Dandelion talks about the array of music acts we’ll get to hear at the Dandelion Festival in Glasgow from 17-19 June, and Inverness from 2-4 September. A familiar voice, Executive Producer Jenny Niven, returns in this episode to explain the non-music elements of the Festival, which is jam packed with inspiring talks from scientists, artists and activists, creative workshops and potting sheds where you can immerse yourself in all things growing!  The Dandelion Festival has something to offer for everyone.

Amy Sibley-Allen, Creative Producer (Music) also introduces our Musicians-in-Residence programme; Where local musicians connect not only to the Unexpected Gardens but to the existing culture and community surrounding these locations, creating new music and weaving the past, present and future together!

We’d like to thank Donald Shaw, Jenny Niven and Amy Sibley-Allen for taking part. This podcast was produced by Sunny Govan Community Radio. Dandelion is commissioned by EventScotland, funded by the Scottish Government and is part of Unboxed: Creativity in the UK. The music in this podcast is from Ceylan Hay/Bell Lungs, our Musician in Residence at the Unexpected Garden in Stranraer; Mark Urban from St Kilda Mailboat, the Musicians in Residence in the Fair Growing Green in Dundee, and Pauline Vallance of The Songwriters’ Collective, Musicians in Residence at the Drying Green, Greenock.