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Good food at Harvest Time
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Photo: Eoin Carey

What would your town - or street, school, or community look like on a plate?

The Town is the Menu invites each place to celebrate its value and uniqueness by creating a signature dish or menu inspired by their community and everyone in it.

Read the full menus here

Food innovator Simon Preston has worked with a network of Unexpected Garden’s over the arc of the growing season to explore and develop a menu that truly represents them. Using local produce and produce grown within the gardens as the basis and the stories and memories of local people.

From Irn Bru-Roast Tatties to a menu dedicated to Caesar, a black man enslaved as a cook at Dingwall’s Novar estate until he escaped in 1771. Pastries inspired by apple orchards of years gone by and stews celebrating the local environment and connections to other communities and countries. These rich menus have been created as a celebration of place, food and communities, designed for and by the local people in locations across Scotland.

Read the full menus here