Free for Alls - Dandelion
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Free for Alls

Three performers in brightly coloured clothing pose in a field.


28 MAY – 23 JULY 2022

Our Free for All events travelled around Scotland in summer 2022, giving away 80,000 free plant plugs to anyone who fancied having a grow.

Free for Alls were Dandelion’s mini-festivals of growing, touring between May and July: from Hawick to Helensburgh, Govan to Leven, Dundee to Inverness.

We gave people everything they needed to get growing - in seed beds and plant-pots, gardens and window boxes. Our friendly Growing Team from Scotland’s Rural College were on hand to help get people started, and novice growers were especially welcome! Each Free for All was hosted by our Flower Singer – at five metres tall, a truly unmissable sight…



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