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Five people in a garden are smiling at the camera. There is a wildflower patch behind them and a wheelbarrow holding produce from the garden in the foreground. The people are smiling and holding different objects: a rake, a pitchfork, weeder, guitar and a super-8 film camera.

Dandelion culminated with over 500 Harvest events, in the largest ever creative celebration of Harvest in communities right across Scotland.

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What would your town - or street, school, or community look like on a plate?

Food innovator Simon Preston has worked with a network of Unexpected Garden’s over the arc of the growing season to explore and develop a menu that truly represents them. Using local produce and produce grown within the gardens as the basis and the stories and memories of local people.

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Good food at Harvest Time


From April 2022, we invited everyone to sow and grow with us. At the end of the growing season, we then invited everyone to come together and share at Harvest with hundreds of events that took place in our Unexpected Gardens, schools and community spaces across the country.

The sharing of food to mark the end of the growing season is marked in different ways around the world. Dandelion Harvest brought people together for community meals made from food grown in that community or sourced locally, live music, long conversations, swapping stories and sharing produce grown. It was a moment to mark a year of growing – and plan for the next.

You can discover the Harvests that took place on our digital map. We also invited people to come together with friends, family, colleagues and community to host their own homegrown Harvests. Check out the resources on our Host a Harvest page.

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