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A person walking outdoors in a grassy field with a stone cottage ruin in the background

Our story began in April 2022 – not in the city, a town or even a farm, but on a tiny island in the very far north-west of Scotland.

77 years ago, Peter and Flora Morrison hatched a plan to resettle Heisgeir, a rugged, remote and unusually fertile island in the Outer Hebrides. The Morrisons' experiment in sustainable living lasted four years, which they remembered as the happiest days of their lives. In April 2022, their grandson Pàdruig Morrison – crofter, musician and member of the Dandelion team – returned to Heisgeir: planting, cultivating and bedding in the first of Dandelion’s Cubes of Perpetual Light – a beautiful miniature vertical farm, just a metre cubed but capable of mighty growth.

The Cube made its journey with Pàdruig back to the mainland – to be joined by hundreds of others, to travel the nation. Watch the launch of Dandelion 2022 in the film below, following our Cubes of Perpetual Light as they begin their journey from Heisgeir to the mainland and unexpected locations across Scotland…

Watch our film below.

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