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Dandelion Festival Glasgow: Saturday 18 June

  • Calendar 18 Jun 2022


A live-music packed day with acts across all three stages from the intimate in-the-round Orchard Stage to This is the Kit and Newton Faulkner performing in front of our 10m high Pavilion backdrop, culminating with a set by the mighty Les Amazones d’Afriques from Mali on our Dandelion Stage. Plus talks, performances, activities and workshops for everyone across the site. Dive in!

Kelvingrove Park,
Kelvin Way,
G12 8LU
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Live Music

Join us on Saturday 18 June for a day of live music from a range of fantastic artists including Newton Faulkner, Niteworks and This is Kit.

Singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner on stage. Behind him is a backdrop of trees and a sunset.
Pavilion Stage
A musician standing with their hands posed

11:45 - National Youth Pipe Band (Junior)
13:15 - VanIves
15:35 - Orchestral Qawwali
18:00 - This is the Kit
20:00 - Newton Faulkner

Dandelion Stage
A singer, from Amazones de Afrique  in colourful clothing is entertaining a crowd of festival goers. Everyone looks happy.

12:40 - Glasgow African Balafon Orchestra
14:15 - Hen Hoose
16:45 - Rura & Special Guests
19:10 - Niteworks
21:00 - Les Amazones d’Afriques

Orchard Stage
Man wearing glasses sitting on the ground looking up with foliage in the background

12:15 - National Youth Pipe Band (Senior)
13:45 - LYRE LYRE
14:40 - Baque Luar
16:20 - Lisa Rigby
17:30 - Jason Singh (full band)
18:45 - Anna Massie & Jenna Reid

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Talks & Events

A day of inspiration and discussion of everything growing.

A woman is sat on a stage, talking into a microphone. There are plants in the background.
The Hothouse
11:15 - Growing Communities with Pam Warhurst & Abi Mordin

Chaired by Jen White, Dandelion
Community, kinship, food and growing have been at the heart of Dandelion since its inception. Come and hear from two leading community growing organisations who have achieved huge things on these same values: the fabulous Incredible Edibles, and Glasgow's own Propagate. Chaired by Jen White, Project Manager for Dandelion's Unexpected Gardens, which are currently blooming all over Scotland.

12:30 - The Greater Good: Socially-conscious business models with Cameron McAllister (MF Coffee Project) and Josh Littlejohn (Social Bite)

Chaired by Shirani Sabaratnam
Josh founded Social Bite to create a movement to change our approach to food and homelessness that has raised over £22m to date. Cameron is the co-founder of MF Coffee Project, a coffee business that owns and operates a coffee washing station in the Nkhota area of Northern Malawi, working with 48 small holder coffee farmers, together they process and export green coffee. Their goal is to reimagine the coffee industry. Hear from these two revolutionaries about how food, and ethical business models can inspire incredible social change. Chaired by Shirani Sabaratnam, TV Executive and organiser of Girls@COP26.

14:00 - Radical Solutions: Sometimes All You Can Do is Everything, with Mo Wilde & Lynn Cassells

Chaired by Vicki Allan
In a time when political or structural change to our relationships with food can seem frustratingly slow, hear from people who've started their own quiet revolutions. Lynn Cassells and her partner Sandra Baer transformed a derelict croft into a thriving rural food producing business, the story of which is recounted in their new book Our Wild Farming Life. Mo Wilde is an experienced forager, herbalist and ethnobotanist, with a Masters in Herbal Medicine. Her book, The Wilderness Cure, details her year of eating only wild or foraged food. Chaired by Herald journalist and wild swimmer, Vicki Allan.

15:30 - Enough is Enough: Artists and the Environment, with Karine Polwart, JC Niala, Ceylan Hay & Donald Shaw

Chaired by Shirani Sabaratnam
Throughout Dandelion, a stellar roster of musician and creatives are examining their relationship with the natural world. As these questions become increasingly pressing, hear from Dandelion Music Director Donald Shaw, musician Karine Polwart and writer JC Niala how they are engaging directly with nature, and with the climate emergency, through their powerful projects, in the choices they make as artists, and in their commissions and collaborations

17:00 - Unexpected Gardens, with Eilish MacKay (Dundee University), Toni Dickson (Lauriston Farm) & Kresanna Aigner (Findhorn Bay Arts)

Chaired by Jenny Niven
From Caithness to Stranraer, Dandelion has supported the creation of 13 Unexpected Gardens this year. From a 'Biomatrix' dissolving barge on the Union Canal to adventures in mushrooming in Forres, communities arts organisations and growers have come together across the country to create incredible new spaces for sowing, growing and sharing. Hear from the creative forces behind our Dundee, Edinburgh and Forres gardens, chaired by Dandelion Executive Producer Jenny Niven.

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The Nursery

Fun and adventure for children of all ages.

Children wearing paper crowns are playing with Lego.
What's On
11:00 – 17:00 The Kidding Around Collective

The Kidding Around Collective bring you The Nursery, a dedicated space for 0 – 5-year-olds and their families. Come and rest your weary legs in our sensory Mud Café. Explore your creative side and help us design the perfect garden using mixed media and the Festival for inspiration, come let your imagination run wild, with sensory exploration for even our littlest visitors. Bring your designs to life in our magical fairy garden - create your own peg fairy and use our range of materials to create an interactive playscape and explore the magic beneath our feet in our specially designed tent and garden.

11.30 & 15.00 Emily Dodd Storytelling Adventures

Join Emily Dodd for a Storytelling Adventure! Each session will combine music, dance, science with storytelling in a unique way. Emily is passionate about wildlife, science and books. She is the author of 11 non-fiction science schoolbooks and four picture books about Scottish wildlife, and a screenwriter for CBeebies (Tiny Wonders, Nina and the Neurons).

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Theatre & Performance

Joy and delight await!

A giant tortoise and its keeper.
11:00 - Throughout the day
Surreal McCoy - The Seagulls

This surreal pair of Giant birds are out and about and on the lookout for tasty snacks. Cheeky and mischievous, they will be sticking their beaks in wherever they can. Hold onto your chips!

Circo Rum Ba Ba - The Whale

A show-stopping centrepiece just washed ashore! This 18-metre-long sperm whale is guaranteed to enchant as well as having a story to tell. Step inside its seaweed-strewn belly and be told seafaring tales of the Pirate's Misadventure featuring mermaids, treasure and secrets, or watch as a turtle swims inside telling sad tales of our plastic ocean problem. This installation is both educational and both adults and children will be fascinated and enlightened.

Megabeast Productions - Treemendous

Meet our loveable lumbering Treemendous Treants. Towering over guests these full detailed costumes are guaranteed to grab attention as well as create perfect photo opportunities. Fully mobile and armed with an arsenal of tree-mendous tree related humour.

Flying Buttresess - What The Tortoise Taught Us

Zelva is the oldest and wisest giant puppet tortoise who plods along with her keeper, encouraging us all to just go a bit slow. All ages will be delighted by Zelva as she always seems to be hungry and can easily be swayed where food is concerned, or simply by a hug. Her human keeper has all the facts about this gentle giant. Hares not welcome!

Mischief La-Bas 

on the Pavilion Stage

Potting Sheds

Visit our Potting Sheds, dotted around the site hosting artists, performers and community organisations. Pop inside to your own planters using pre-cut scrap wood with Free Wheel North; participate in music and movement performance, write poetry or create your own seed bombs and avocado starter seed kits with ETSD and much more.

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Street Food

Locally sourced, sustainable food - there's something for everyone.

A person with an apron and checked shirt holding a takeaway container with a burger and chips
Pizza in a box

Enjoy a delicious range of locally-sourced street food from our Festival traders, all chosen for their commitment to sustainability, including venison burgers from Screaming Peacock, Mangiamo Pizza, poutine from Down the Hatch, Woodburns Stand Bahn Mi, Mrs Falafel, coffee and crepes from Hector and Harriet and Fotheringham’s ice-cream van. A fully-licensed bar will be available with a wide selection of Scottish craft ales and beers, wine and soft drinks.

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Potting Sheds

Visit our Potting Sheds, dotted around the site hosting artists, performers and community organisations.

A row of potting sheds with colourful bunting.
What's On
Amble Skuse and Olga Uzikaeva

Musican and composer Amble Skuse and dancer Olga Uzikaeva present their participatory music and movement performance, “Chop Chop”. Participants will be invited to prepare fresh fruits for a community salad. Microphones are connected from the kitchen equipment to Amble’s laptop and software, allowing them to mix the sounds in real time. Olga will then create dance improvisation inspired by the sounds of fruits whilst wearing Mimu gloves which track her movements. The fruit salad will then be eaten together with participants, with leftover food being donated to a food bank.

Free Wheel North

Free Wheel North is working with Boomerang Woodwork, a non-profit wood workshop in Maryhill that supports marginalised and excluded groups through therapeutic woodwork programmes. For their potting shed, they will be holding planter-making activities using pre-cut scrap wood as a “DIY Kit” for growing your own herbs or small plants at home. Workshoppers will also be learning transferable DIY skills and learning about reusing waste to create value. For passers-by, there will be a “contribution planter” where visitors can decorate and attach a plank of wood to a planter that will then be displayed in Maryhill for the community to enjoy.


ESTD will be hosting multiple workshops across the festival. Morven Mulgrew will be teaching participants to “Make Your Own Avocado Seed Starter” kit using slab-building techniques and stoneware clay. ESTD will fire your work and it will be available for collection two weeks later in Glasgow, along with a seed of your own to grow. Jemima Damsey-Wright will be hosting a print workshop using potatoes, allowing you to bring home a poster that can teach you how to grow at home. Finally, Saskia Pomeroy will be holding a seed bomb and plant seed tray workshop, consisting of easy fruit and vegetable plants for smaller spaces.


Sacro will be hosting a Poetry Potting Shed, inviting participants to have a go at writing nature-related haikus on two large blackboards. Sacro’s own Garden Projects in Tollcross Allotments and Park and in Bellahouston Demonstration Garden have their own Potting Shed Poetry Society and the poems that their members have written will be exhibited and given away throughout the festival. Sacro will also have a microphone set up in front of their shed for poetry readings.

Connect Community Trust

Connect’s Potting Sheds programme will bring together allotment staff to highlight how fun growing and sowing can be and how STEAM can work with nature and food production. A wealth of inspiring and unusual activities is on offer. Join Connect to make seed bombs, understand the greenhouse effect, try out VR headsets, build your own wind generator and make scarecrows from crisp packets.


Over three days, Paragon’s groove artists will engage with participants in ‘Grow Your Groove’ - accessible and inclusive musical improvisation sessions, live jams, and soundscape creation using found sounds and food. Their shed will have various vegetables and plants connected to MIDI controllers, turning them into sample pads and allowing people to play them as if they were instruments. No musical experience is necessary to take part in “growing” a new piece of original music.

P Ploy and Iga Sobieraj

P Ploy (Noppawan Bunluesilp) and Iga Sobieraj create interactive experiences in virtual reality and animation. In their project, “The Goodness of Weeds”, participants will be able to scan a QR code and find an animated character guiding them through information and facts about weeds using augmented reality on their mobile phones. Infamous weeds such as sticky willies, ground elders, nettles, and – of course - dandelions are not only vital to our environment, but can be delicious as well. Learn which weeds can be eaten and how to cook them using pop-up recipes and videos inspired by Thai and Polish backgrounds.

Stravaig Theatre

Theatre-makers Scott Thomas and Emma McNeill will be producing a community-made multi-media performance, expressing themes of nature, growth, and sustainability in a theatrical and physical way. Participants take part in a “Lucky Dip Script”, picking out lines taken from a pre-written piece, recording their line into a microphone at the shed, and playing around with audio filters, speed, volume, and tone.  Infrared elements reflect climate change and the earth’s continued overheating; potting shedders can also help create a mood board using photos, recycled materials, and natural items  which will be available on the Dandelion website at the end of the Glasgow festival.

Sean Wai Keung

Writer and food-artist, Sean Wai Keung, will be leading an installation titled Fortunes for Us, giving people the opportunity to write their own ‘fortune’ and place them inside fortune cookies across their potting shed. In return for giving their fortunes, participants will be able to take a cookie with another written fortune away with them. Their installation aims to highlight the accessibility of food sharing and community engagement across cultures.

Glasgow Food Policy Partnership

Working with the Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP), Thalia Groucott will be facilitating collage zine-making workshops based on the six themes of the GFPP: Food and the Environment, Food Economy, Children and Young People, Food Procurement and Catering, Community Food, and Food Poverty – Fair Food for All. Participants will have access to pre-cut images, news articles, and secondhand magazines and they will be “Collaging the World We Want to See”. The resulting pages will be scanned and compiled into an artistic and collaborative zine that highlights the GFPP and Dandelion’s aim to start a conversation on how we value the food we eat and to raise awareness of food poverty and the environmental consequences of how we currently produce our food.


Wind&Bones will be creating a home-grown and home-cooked shared feast of food and stories. Wind&Bones will also be hosting a virtual potting shed as an online stories garden, where stories from the festival will be uploaded so people can view them on their phone and tablet.

Donna Rutherford

How did your mum or dad make their soup? Artist Donna Rutherford will be posing this question to festival goers.  Their stories will be edited and played through a small speaker over the next three days to create a joyful participatory experience exploring our emotional and cultural connections to food. Share your food stories, leading to the creation of a cookbook combining the stories of Glasgow’s international residents.

Edinburgh Science Festival

Earth is the only home we know but the idea of life off planet is no longer the realm of science fiction and one day we may look off planet for our next ‘home’. With Mars the most habitable destination in our solar system we’re starting there but need your help to build a sustainable colony.


Get thinking, make use of the LEGO tools at your disposal and let your imagination run wild to build farms, homes, labs, vehicles – or anything else you think humans might need to live on another planet – and add them to our Mars landscape.

Tamara Hedderwick

Tamara Hedderwick will be hosting natural “crop protection” mandala-making workshops, inspired by her own experiences growing seedlings and keeping slugs and pests away from her own plants by using sand, eggshells, and salt. The mandalas we’ll be making at the potting shed will be based on patterns that form through Tamara’s experiments in tie-dying cotton using beetroot and onion skins. Tamara will also be giving away posters from Greenspace Scotland of “Our Growing Community”, as well as displaying seeds and information from the Glasgow Seed Library (some of which will be material used in the mandala-making throughout the festival!).


Propagate will be introducing participants to all the elements that make food production possible. Their Soil and Soul exhibit will allow participants to play with soil, try their hand at making seed-bombs, and get up close to their Worms at Work display. They’ll also talk about Regenerative Farming, with an agroecological jigsaw with the voices of farmers telling stories about why they do what they do.  Propagate will also be giving practical advice on growing in small spaces, square meter gardening, and identifying whether insects and animals are friends or foes.

SRUC – Scotland's Rural College - Plant Clinic

SRUC’s Plant Clinic will offer support to visitors who want to discuss their gardening growing issues and present fun facts about what people can do to help Scotland’s plant health and achieve our net zero targets. Come along for some friendly advice and to explore the careers and courses available for young people in the vibrant growing sector.


From Unexpected Gardens to total controlled environment growing to musicians composing from the perspective of plants, come to our very own Dandelion Potting Shed to learn the full Dandelion story in technicolour - a beautiful collision of science, art, community and heart!

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Venue Information


Kelvingrove Park is a public park located on the River Kelvin in the West End of the city of Glasgow, Scotland, containing the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

The closest subway station is Kelvinhall which is which is 0.4 miles from the Park. Journey time from Glasgow City Centre is approximately 9 minutes and trains run every 4 - 7 minutes. It is a 10 minute walk from the station to the Park. The nearest train station is Partick, which is a 15-20 minute walk to the Park.

Number 2 and 3 bus services leave Bothwell Street and Number 77 leaves from West Nile Street - journey time is approximately 20 minutes.

Before travelling, remember to double-check all travel arrangements and for the most up to date information check out your journey on the day on www.travelinescotland.com


There are Accessible and Gender Neutral Toilets on site. These are located adjacent to the Orchard Stage, in the Food and Drink Area next to the Fountain, in the Pavilion Stage site and on the pathway leading from Clifton Street/La Belle Place to the Festival.

There is also a permanent toilet block with accessible toilets and baby changing facilities located beside the Kelvingrove Bandstand within Kelvingrove Park, just off Kelvin Way.


There is metered on street car parking available in the Park Area and in the side streets south of Sauchiehall Street/Argyle Street.
The Pick Up and Drop Off point for disabled visitors is at the Main Gate, Royal Terrace.

There is local access only for cars in the streets between Argyle Street/Sauchiehall Street and the Park.

All disabled parking pay & display bays for blue badge holders are free of charge and have no time restriction. Anyone displaying a valid blue badge may park in a ‘limited waiting’ bay without time restriction.


There are five main entrances to the Festival site:
On Kelvin Way opposite the entrance to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum;
On the Bridge leading from Kelvin Way adjacent to the south side of the Bandstand; At the Main Gate on Royal Terrace; At the Gate leading from Clifton Street/La Belle Place; and on the Picnic Hill Path leading from Gibson Street/Eldon Street.

These entrance points will be stewarded. All stewards will be wearing hi vis vests and have been trained to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Access to the Festival site is level and paved. Most of the paths in the park are asphalt and smooth.

Assistance dogs, and well behaved pet dogs are welcome and fresh drinking water will be provided.

There are two Information Points: at the Main Gate at Royal Terrace and on the Picnic Hill Path leading from Gibson Street/Eldon Street.

BSL interpretation will be provided throughout the Festival.

There is also a Chill Out Zone for visitors between the Fountain and Skatepark.

There is a viewing platform in the Dandelion Stage area for visitors - it is possible to pre-book a space before your arrival on site. Please contact Caroline Thompson - [email protected].


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Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park,
Kelvin Way,
G12 8LU