Programme - Dandelion


A futuristic looking stack of growing cubes is stood in a ravine by a waterfall. It is lit up with a yellow and pink light and the space around it is lush with greenery. A large tree to the left is covered in moss and ivy. Two people stand with their backs towards the cube, looking at the light reflecting in the waterfall behind.

Indoor farms and outdoor festivals, alleyway allotments and schoolchildren scientists – Dandelion will be across Scotland this summer. Join us.

Dandelion Festival Inverness

Initial live music line-up announced for our second and final Dandelion Festival. Taking place in Inverness’s Northern Meeting Park on 2–4 September – a three-day spectacular of live music, performances, talks, workshops and food that’s open to everyone and completely free.

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Dandelion Festival Inverness graphic on purple with images of artists


A group of people outdoors in front of a brick building sitting and standing holding gardening tools

Unexpected Gardens

Floating farms, vegetable verges and carpark carrots – Dandelion’s Unexpected Gardens are sprouting all over Scotland.

rowing cube containing plants situated in a cave, the lighting is moody and there are native and wild growing plants in the foreground.

Cubes of Perpetual Light

Vertical farms and experiments on the move – discover our glowing growing Cubes as they travel across Scotland.

Graphic Image with text reading 'Dandelion Festivals'

Dandelion Festivals

Free weekend-long festivals in Glasgow and Inverness bookend the summer with live music, theatre, plant giveaways, workshops, talks, science and arts.

School children pointing and looking at a growing cube containing plants

Schools Growing Initiative

468 schools, 114 Grow Cubes, tonnes of tatties – welcome to the biggest growing experiment Scotland’s ever seen.

A person walking outdoors in a grassy field with a stone cottage ruin in the background

Heisgeir - Film

Our story begins with our launch film in April 2022 – not in the city, a town or even a farm, but on a tiny island in the very far north-west of Scotland.

Two children holding up vegetables behind a growing cube in an urban landscape


In car parks and in playgrounds, on streets and in squares, this is a Harvest celebration unlike any other.

Three performers in brightly coloured clothing pose in a field.

Free for Alls

Absolutely everyone can give growing a go this year – free plants will be bestowed by our towering Flower Singer on a tour of Scotland