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School children pointing and looking at a growing cube containing plants

468 schools, 114 Grow Cubes, tonnes of tatties – welcome to the biggest growing experiment Scotland’s ever seen.



Schoolchildren across Scotland are taking part in a huge nationwide experiment into how traditional growing methods compare with 21st-century techniques to shape the food production of the future.

We’re gifting more than 100 Dandelion Growing Cubes to schools across Scotland. Each of these small see-through boxes is a miniature indoor farm, equipped with growfelt, seeds and LEDs. And we’re inviting pupils to take control of their Cubes – varying the light, moisture, humidity and nutrients to see what makes their plants grow.

Schoolchildren are also in charge of this summer’s Big Tattie Experiment, our countrywide spud-growing spectacular.

We’ll be posting updates on our site so you can see what’s growing where. And then on Friday 9 September 2022, pupils will share what they’ve grown at hundreds of Harvest celebrations in playgrounds across Scotland – with live music, art, stories and much more.

The Dandelion Schools Growing Initiative is delivered in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful, a charity providing education initiatives for children, young people and educators that focus on environmental issues.

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