Unexpected Garden: Argyll - Dandelion
Dandelion / Programme

Unexpected Garden: Argyll

A picture depicting raised beds at different levels with plants by a red stone house wall. The raised beds are made out of wood with accent colours in red, orange, yellow and blue. There are plants growing in the raised beds and hanging baskets with flowers are attached to the wall.


It’s easy to stop paying proper attention to the landscapes we’ve become used to over time. It can take a surprising intervention to reconnect with what makes them unique – which is exactly the idea behind the transformation of two distinct sites on the Rosneath Peninsula to the west of Scotland by Cove Park. Led by artist Hannah Brackston in collaboration with the local community, two new gardens in a disused car park at community centre Centre 81 in Garelochhead and at the Cove Sailing Club were created, based around the nearby flora and fauna. With views over Loch Long and Gareloch, both of these distinctive sites share a proximity with salt and fresh water. This makes them fascinating locations at which to explore how the area’s indigenous plant life is used in food, medicine, dyed textiles and art. These two Unexpected Gardens give both visitors and locals the opportunity to engage with extraordinary facets of the local plant life – and the opportunities for its use in the on-going future.


Dates / Locations

28 Apr - 11 Sep 2022 Unexpected Garden: Argyll - Centre 81

Centre 81,
Old School Rd,
G84 0AT

28 Apr - 11 Sep 2022 Unexpected Garden: Argyll - Cove Sailing Club

Cove Sailing Club,
Barons Point,
Argyll & Bute,
G84 0PL


Creative Producer:
Jill Lee
Musician in Residence:
Sion Parkinson
Artist in Residence :
Hannah Brackston
Creative Ethnologist:
Gary West