Unexpected Garden: Fair Growing Green, Dundee - Dandelion
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Unexpected Garden: Fair Growing Green, Dundee

Raised beds in a garden


New life sprung up in a place people once met to go bowling: we discovered vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and flowers unfurling on the former Bowling Green in Dundee’s Fairmuir Park, which gave locals and visitors alike a reason to gather once again. A partnership between Dandelion and the University of Dundee, Creative Dundee, Dundee City Council, Friends of Fairmuir with the local community, this edible garden was an opportunity for new growers and budding gardeners to get stuck in, with social spaces where all comers shared food and good company. Inspired by the growers’ almanac, the garden acts as a record of the collective knowledge gained from nurturing the plot, capturing the seasonal rhythms of edible plants and flowers for both people and pollinators. This garden is also a celebration of existing gardens in Dundee, connecting them in a companionable cross-pollination of communities.


Dates / Locations

28 Apr - 11 Sep 2022 Unexpected Garden: Dundee

Bowling Green,
Fairmuir Park,
17 Fairmuir Street,
  • Opening Times
  • Monday 1 - 5 pm
  • Thursday 12 - 7pm
  • Friday 10 - 5pm
  • Saturday 10 - 5pm


Emerging Creative Producer:
Eilish Victoria
Musician in Residence:
St. Kilda Mailboat (Mark Urban and Claire Gorman)
Creative Ethnologist:
Steve Byrne