Unexpected Garden: Forres - Dandelion
Dandelion / Programme

Unexpected Garden: Forres

A group of gardeners holding gardening equipment in an outdoor alleyway surrounded by daffodils and plants in containers and pots


Something unexpected took root! The Unexpected Garden Forres celebrated an edible organism that thrives in the dampest and darkest spots of all. Wandering down the alleyways of Forres High Street, people were transported into living lanes, where mushrooms were being carefully cultivated in shadowy entryways. Elsewhere, seeds were sprouting in window boxes and vertical gardens dotted the streets – Forres went to town with growing. Supported by a summer-long programme of events and activities, which culminated in a town centre display and harvest celebration.

The programme strengthened community networks in the town centre as local residents, growers, artists and groups came together to share ideas, learn and inspire new ways of thinking about growing.


Dates / Locations

28 Apr - 11 Sep 2022 Unexpected Garden: Forres

Forres High Street,
IV36 1NP


Emerging Creative Producer:
Adam Csenki and Eva Zandman
Musician in Residence:
Dopey Monkey
Creative Ethnologist:
Mairi McFadyen