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A child smiling in a school setting while wearing large headphone and holding a pencil

Dandelion isn’t just about getting your hands dirty. We’re also encouraging you and your pupils to get creative, become citizen fieldworkers, discover Scotland's local food stories, learn new songs and take part in The School is The Menu!

The School Is the Menu

A free PDF created by food innovator, Simon Preston that invites your school to celebrate its character by creating a signature dish inspired by the school and everyone in it.

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Two children holding food and standing by a Growing Cube containing plants with a graffiti wall in the background

Scotland's Local Food Stories

Do you know that Scotland grows lots of different kinds of food, all with different names and characters, tastes, and tales? You might think a raspberry is just a raspberry, and a potato is just a potato, but there are in fact many local varieties! Find out more here...

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Dig Where You Stand!

These free resources introduce some of the cultural traditions, folklore, customs and crafts associated with the growing year and harvest in Scotland. Learn how to become a citizen fieldworker, explore the cycle of the seasons and reflect on how mutual aid can help to sustain and develop our communities.

In our Dig Where You Stand resource, we invite you to try your hand at making a Hairst Knot (Harvest Knot) or a Kirn Maiden (Corn Dolly). In the videos below, Elaine Lindsay from Aberdeenshire talks you through the steps to make your own.

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A close up of a person digging a hole to plant seedlings and watering them

Dandelion Music

Dandelion Music is a collection of Gaelic and Scots songs all with themes of growing and harvest. We have lots of songs about tatties! Learn the songs here…

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A child smiling in a school setting while wearing large headphone and holding a pencil