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Sunny Govan presents: Growing with Dandelion

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Welcome to the Sunny Govan podcast all about Dandelion. Throughout this podcast series, we’ll explore growing, our music, festivals, and Unexpected Gardens plans.

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In part one of this episode, we’ll be speaking to Jenny Niven, Dandelion’s Executive producer about all things Dandelion, meeting Donald Shaw, Neil Butler, Fiona Dalgetty, Angus Farquhar, Jim Muotune, and Jen Howard-Coombes from the team at the launch of the Unexpected Gardens, and students from Scotland’s Rural College will give us a practical guide to how to start growing. Whether you’re a complete novice, or if you live in a flat without a garden – there are so many ways to embark on your growing journey!

In part two we speak to experienced growers Abi Mordin, Iain Withers and Rebecca Gibbs who get into the more technical aspects; pitfalls and social aspects of growing. Finally, you’ll hear from Professor Fiona Burnett (SRUC) about Dandelion from her point of view as our growing lead, and she’ll explore plant health and different growing mediums.

We’d like to thank Jenny Niven, Donald Shaw, Neil Butler, Fiona Dalgetty, Angus Farquhar, Jim Muotune, Jen Howard-Coombes, Emily Hairstans, Helen McMeekin, James Douglass, Rebecca Cross, Professor Fiona Burnett, Abi Mordin, Iain Withers and Rebecca Gibbs for taking part. This podcast was produced by Sunny Govan Community Radio.

Dandelion is commissioned by EventScotland, funded by the Scottish Government and is part of Unboxed: Creativity in the UK.

The music in this podcast is from Cat and Colin Train, our Musicians in Residence at the Floating Garden; Dopey Monkey, the Musician in Residence in the Unexpected Garden in Forres, and Shelagh McKay Jones of The Songwriters’ Collective, Musicians in Residence at the Drying Green, Greenock.


If you’d like to access more resources, please see:

Propagate Scotland:

Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland by Kenneth Cox and Caroline Beaton ISBN 978-1-78027-533-8.  Persuade your local library to buy a copy.  The planting and harvesting tables on the inside cover are a great way to get going but do check these against the experience of those growing in your area.


Social Farms & Gardens – Growing Teachers:


Charles Dowding - the king of no-dig - talking us through good and not so good garden tools: