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Welcome to the Field!

Bountiful Harvest

Throughout June we have been harvesting lots of beetroot, khol rabi, turnips, lettuce, courgettes, kale, spring onions and even buckets filled with sugar snap peas! It has been great to be able to share this bounty with the West End free food shop and the Action for Children free food shop in Milnafua. All this harvesting means we have also made space for a second succession of vegetable.

Play in the Field

This week (4 - 10 July) the Field hosted daily play scheme for over 80 primary school children from the local area, a bustling week with lots of games and music workshops. Now that the onsite kitchen is completed, we are delighted to be able to provide all the youngsters with a hot meal with vegetable straight from the garden.


Our Team is expanding!

This month we are also very pleased to welcome Shona and Marc to the team, who are both students at SRUC and will be working with us in the garden for the rest of the summer.

Welcome to the Field!

Our first music event ‘Welcome to the Field’ was a great success with music from Col and Dagger Gordon, Liam Ross followed by a Ceilidh by the Highland Ceilidh Band. Our next session on the 16th of July promises more great music and workshops!


Author: Haley Shepherd - Emerging Creative Producer, The Field - Unexpected Garden, Alness